Product: Web, mobile, desktop

Status: Public

Position: Lead UI / UX Designer

Summary: Pushbullet is a service that connects your digital devices, regardless of their OS. It provides continuity between non-matching devices.

I joined as the second employee at Pushbullet. My first responsibility was to define their branding. I chose the set of brand colors, created the current logo, and ensured that they were applied consistently throughout the product. I also created the visual language and illustration style Pushbullet uses throughout the product to make the service more approachable and friendly.


Web App

Pushbullet has apps for many different platforms. As Pushbullet’s only designer, I worked on each of these apps, combining the paradigms of each platform with the Pushbullet brand. My goal was to ensure that each app felt true to the platform while still feeling recognizably like Pushbullet.




Since Pushbullet spans 6 different platforms, I've chosen a limited amount of work to show. For an overly detailed run down of my work at Pushbullet you can check out this case study.