Chalk Schools

Platform: Web

Status: Public demo

Position: Lead UI / UX Designer

Summary: Chalk is an electronic form management system for schools that increases form completion speed and provides process transparency.

My main project at Chalk was creating their onboarding flow, which included the initial research and interviewing process, persona creation, mapping out the product hierarchy, and defining a flow that would best fulfill customer needs. For the purpose of showcasing my design work, unfortunately, most of the work I did at Chalk is proprietary.

What I can show are a quick UX project and some UI improvements I made. As the first in-house designer I worked through the product to tidy up the interface quite a bit.




Chalk didn't specify who needed an account or what an account could do, and this generated a lot of customer confusion. To remedy this I set up access points for two of our personas and redesigned the account creation page. The new 'Create an Account' page highlights three features you can do with an account to help people better understand why they might create one.


Transition prompt to send a form forward:

Original - This was the transition prompt to send the form to whoever needed it next. It was clunky and had unnecessary weight to it.

My Design - I redesigned the prompt to appear more like an email, which is a form factor most of Chalk's users are familiar with.


Confirmation screen after sending a form:

Original - This was the confirmation screen after a user had completed their section of a form. The design was a bit clunky and used elements we wanted to get rid of.

My Design - I simplified the design by getting rid of redundant links and adding some icons to visualize actions.


Are you interested in a more in-depth account of my time at Chalk? I have a long-form version of this page with more details and personal accounts. Check it out here